OUBAO Cordless tools,update power tools competitive

The advantage of Oubao tools:

1. High efficiency: Achieve basic performance targets within given time including: speed/torque/auto operation etc

2. Performance: Due to the production stability, our production can stand up for any working situation, product lifelong and performance can never be reduced. Especially the torque’s performance, it could be consistency in construction size.

3. Intelligence: from brush to brushless, from AC to DC update --Tools application: without the remote control technology updated, there will be no improvement in the power tools industry. Oubao has a goal to maximize output for our clients and it is greatly represented by our values: Loyal in business, quality is everything’s foundation; developing constantly, improving continuously, serve professionally.

Generally speaking, Li-ion brushless cordless tools, their efficiency and automatic intelligence have not only improved the performance of product and working time, but also reduce maintenance problems. Thanks to our customers ‘recognition, our products are being increasingly important in the enhancement of human living quality.